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Now you have your much-beloved pearls you may think how do I know if they are actually real or fake? Here are a few simple steps you can do to check your own pearls or when purchasing pearls. 

1. Touch Test.

When you feel a real pearl they can feel cold, then warm

up as you wear or hold them. Fake pearls generally feel

warm and can get sticky to touch. A natural pearl has a unique weight. Counterfeit pearls may have a weight that is ridiculously light or extremely heavy.

2. Tooth Test.

Now not all retailers will approve of you doing this but if you gently rub a pearl over your tooth it should feel grainy & sandpaper. A fake pearl will be extremely smooth.

3.Surface Imperfections.

Real pearls are rarely totally perfect and they will usually have some blemishes or imperfections on their surface. Also, their shape is rarely perfectly round. Fake pearls can look too perfect having a perfectly round shape with no surface imperfections.

4. Bounce Test.

Real pearls have a fair bit of bounce in them. If you drop a pearl from above 2 foot it should bounce back at least 1 foot. Imitation pearls don't really bounce much at all.

5. Lustre.

Lustre is a term used frequently when people speak about pearls & it describes how light is reflected from the surface of a pearl. A pearl's lustre is what make then so beautiful. Real good quality pearls have a bright lustre that makes them shine and often you can see your own reflection in them. 

Now that you have checked your pearls & hopefully they are real check out my other blog post about how to look after your pearls


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