Designer Julie Nicholas has been showcasing her collection in Broome since 2007. Her designs are inspired by her love of the ocean, the beaches and the natural beauty of the pearl. We are sure you will enjoy the beauty of these individual pieces as much as Julie enjoyed designing and selecting the pearls. Each pearl is an individual as you are.


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Pearls represent purity and modesty and symbolise lasting love and happiness.
Pearls develop when an irritant resides in the mollusc within the shell, and then nacre is deposited around this irritant to protect the mollusc. The nacre is what gives pearls that lustrous beauty that radiates from each and everyone: one of natures amazing miracles.


Freshwater Pearls
As their name implies they are formed in freshwater mussels: Hyriopsis. They are generally composed of mantle tissue which has been nucleated, and then a thick deposit of nacre. Up to 50 pearls can be produced within each mussel shell, which can take up to 6 years to produce. The quality of freshwater pearls has improved dramatically in recent years and they are now comparable to their Saltwater relative.


South Sea Pearls
These pearls are produced within the Pinctada maxima shell which grows in the warm oceans extending from souther southeast Asia to Northern Australia. It is one of the largest oyster shells, and produces the most sought after pearls in the world. The Pinctada maxima shell deposits a very thick nacre which shines a radiant colours ranging from white, cream, gold or silver with hues of pink, blue and green.


Mabe Pearls
Pronounced Mah-bay (also known as blister or half pearls) are formed on the inside of the pearl shell itself. They usually have only a thin layer of nacre deposited on them so need to be handled with care.


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